Understanding CANDU Technology

The CANDU MONARK reactor is a cutting-edge nuclear power solution designed to provide a cost-effective, energy secure, and net-zero future. It builds upon the success of previous CANDU models and incorporates decades of design development to offer a domestically produced, full-scale product for utilities seeking to deploy new nuclear power at scale.

The CANDU MONARK reactor boasts several key features, including:

A larger output of 1,000 MW

Improved cost per megawatt-hour

Extended operating life of 70 years

Sustainable design principles that minimize environmental impact

Integration with flexible electricity grids of the future

Utilization of the latest engineering techniques, including digital twin technology

The reactor’s design prioritizes simplified construction through a module-based construction strategy, reducing construction time and risk. Enhanced control via digital delivery concepts further streamlines the construction process.

The CANDU MONARK leverages the proven CANDU design, offering high fuel efficiencies and lifetime capacity factors. It uses natural uranium as a fuel source, enabling domestic production and features on-power refueling and online maintenance for enhanced flexibility.

The CANDU MONARK produces decarbonized power without emissions, significantly reducing CO emissions when displacing fossil fuels. Its flexible siting requirements enable easy integration into existing energy grids, facilitating the transition to net-zero emissions.

Yes, like its predecessors, the CANDU MONARK produces medical-grade isotopes used in cancer detection and treatment, as well as sterilizing medical equipment. Ontario’s CANDU reactors, for example, produce 50% of the world’s Cobalt-60 isotope supply.

Yes, the CANDU MONARK reactor can integrate a hydrogen production plant and storage facility, leveraging surplus heat from the plant to enhance hydrogen generation efficiency.

The deployment and maintenance of CANDU MONARK reactors create job opportunities across various sectors, sustaining and increasing employment in the Canadian economy. Additionally, there are significant export opportunities related to CANDU, contributing to additional economic growth.

The CANDU MONARK adheres to world-class safety standards, featuring comprehensive “defence in depth” systems to mitigate risks. It includes redundant shutdown systems that operate independently without power or operator intervention.

The CANDU MONARK retains unique features of CANDU technology, including the ability to use natural uranium as fuel, produce medical isotopes, refuel during operations, and incorporate advanced safety upgrades for operational resilience, even in extreme climate events.