Narinder Bains

Narinder Bains earned his MSc in Manufacturing Systems from Warwick University. He began his career with Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. as a Robotics Engineer, where he implemented automation systems for the inspection and maintenance of nuclear reactors. In a later role, he worked on designing and configuring multi-degree of freedom programmable manipulators for servicing … Continued

Olivier Marcotte 

Olivier Marcotte is the founder and president of Nucleom, a Canadian company specializing in customized inspection solutions for various industries. An expert in ultrasonic, radiographic, and eddy current inspection methods, primarily applied to CANDU reactors, Olivier leads a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians dedicated to solving complex maintenance problems. Under his leadership, Nucleom … Continued

Matt Cronin

Matt has been an integral member of the Bird Construction team since 2008, showcasing a dynamic skillset throughout his tenure as he’s navigated various positions within both business development and operations. Currently the Senior Vice President of Industrial East, Matt brings nearly 20 years of construction industry experience. After gaining 10 years of experience leading … Continued

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is Senior Vice President, Nuclear, with the responsibility of leading the successful pursuit and execution of all nuclear projects within Aecon’s portfolio. Beginning with Aecon in 2006, Aaron has diverse experience across many of Aecon’s operational and corporate teams, including the industrial, nuclear, and urban transportation sectors. He has been responsible for the pursuit … Continued

Mark Beardsworth

With over 25 years with the UBC Millwrights Mark Beardsworth has positioned the Millwright Regional Council – Canada to build partnerships based on respect and trust. “We provide skilled, responsible millwrights to meet the challenges of any project. We are committed to getting each project done right, and as professionals, we can discuss and solve … Continued

Riaz Bendali

Riaz Bandali is the President of Nordion and a member of the Sotera Health Corporate Executive Committee. Nordion is the global leader in the provision of Cobalt-60, which is a critical radioisotope used to sterilize 30% of the world’s single-use medical devices. It is also used for the treatment of brain and breast cancer. Prior … Continued

Dr. Steven Murphy

Dr. Steven Murphy became the fourth President and Vice-Chancellor of Ontario Tech University in 2018. As the leader of one of Canada’s most dynamic universities, Dr. Murphy recognized Ontario Tech’s energy-related advanced research expertise, which drove creation of the Brilliant Energy Institute, a multidisciplinary facility tasked with building the scientific plan to get us to … Continued

Guy Lonechild

Mr. Lonechild (White Bear First Nations- Treaty #4) is a well-known advocate in creating new economic opportunities and serves as President and CEO of First Nations Power Authority connecting both Indigenous and Industry leaders in renewable and alternative energy development.  As a first of its kind organization, Mr. Lonechild heads the organization as our strategic … Continued

John R. MacQuarrie

BWXT in Canada has over 60 years of expertise in the design, manufacturing, commissioning and service of critical nuclear components, over 50 years of experience in the supply of CANDU® fuel to the Canadian nuclear industry. With 27 years of nuclear industry experience, Mr. MacQuarrie’s career includes 23 years with the Company. Mr. MacQuarrie holds … Continued

David Harris

David Harris’ mission as President and CEO is to ensure that Kinectrics is a vibrant, and growing company by focusing on adding exceptional value to our customers, ensuring our employees have every opportunity to develop to their full potential, and investing in state-of-the-art facilities. David is a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (UK), … Continued